About Us

The Beginning

In 2009, three years into a professional fighting career, I found myself struggling to outrun the damage caused by years of intense training needed to compete in the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA).  Pain, inflammation, and arthritis required daily use of prescription NSAIDs and creams.  The long hours of training were causing damage to my joints and the use of prescriptions were causing damage to my body.  At that time in my career, I wasn’t ready to walk away, but, realized quickly a better solution was needed to manage my pain.  

A special person (my Mom) introduced me to essential oils as a way to manage the joint pain.  I was immediately hooked.  The feeling of the essential oils was nothing like I had experienced before and my journey to Rapid Fire Relief began.  

The Journey

Essential oils quickly consumed my free time.  I experimented blending different types of oils all while researching the industry, science, and ingredients.  My goal was to find a blend that could eliminate the use of the prescriptions.  I would go back to the drawing board if a blend didn’t work.  Finally, after all the research and formulations, I found one that worked for me.  

One of the common attributes of a fighter is pain.  The toll on the body is significant.  When I started using my product in the gym and during training, of course, others wanted to know more about it in hopes it would provide them relief.  

Rapid Fire Relief Was Born

In 2012, Rapid Fire Relief officially hit the market.  The response from my customers has been nothing short of amazing.  At first my goal was simple, to provide enough relief to eliminate prescription medication.  Then, my goal became much larger, to provide anyone with chronic pain a natural path to relief.  


Rapid Fire Relief is sold in chiropractic offices, massage clinics, physical therapy offices, gyms, and nutrition stores around the United States.  My goal is the same as when I started in 2012, to help people find natural relief from pain just as I did several years ago and continue to find natural relief today.